2006 - M.F.A. California College of the Arts
1998 - B.F.A. Massachusetts College of Art

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2011 - The Material, AVA Art Center, Lebanon, NH
2008 - Exurbia, David Salow Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2003 - Between, Basil Halward Gallery, Portland, OR

Selected Group Exhibitions

2014 - Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship Exhibition - New Art Center, Newtonville, MA. 
2012 - Yesterday I told you the truth -NOMA Gallery at Miami Project, Miami, FL
2012 - Hey Hot Shot Second Edition 2011 Showcase - Jen Bekman Gallery, NY
2011 - Chain Letter - NOMA Gallery, San francisco, CA
2009 - Flat Files II, Triple Base Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2008 - Defining Place, Center for Experimental Art and Architecture, Los Angeles,CA
2006 - California College of the Arts Graduate Exhibition, San Francisco
2002 - Group Polaroid Show, Basil Halward Gallery, Portland OR
1998 - In The Shadows, 20 Emerging Photographers, Boston, MA


2013 - Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship

Selected Publications

Forget Good - Issue 9 - April 2013 
Whitefish Review - #10 Winter 2011/2012
Ruby Mag Issue - #57 Sept-Oct 2011
American Photography - 26 (Published Fall 2010)

From Yesterday, I told you the truth, NOMA Gallery at Miami Project
         New international responses to the photographic image
         Curated by Brooke Lynn McGowan

Michael Cappabianca, in stunning displays of momento having forsaken the mori, examines the still life of things as they inform the necessary in relationship to the referent in photographic practice. His is an art of enframing, not only in the masterful understanding of composition, but in a visual rhetoric exploring the very conditions for an image to exist at all. For The Material series, this image is the conflation of the mental, imaginal, or fictive image and the forlorn, dumb materiality of the book—a medium itself slowly fading into cultural memory, and thus attaining a disuse which would render them art objects themselves. Additionally, in the newest series, for which Back/Drop/Ground #1-3 was created, his photographs present an occurrence in abeyance, or a moment of dereliction: presage or regret. Closer to Robert Ryman than Robert Capa, Cappabianca produces of dilapidated theater warehouse, visiting elements of fantasy and staging as inherent in the image making process in any medium, and suggesting an examination of the limits of medium and form.

- Brooke Lynn McGowan